Ninestar Games – Play it with spirit


About Ninestar Games

Ninestar Games consists of a team of creative people who develop parlour games inspired by spiritual concepts. Joy, learning and fun in the form of a board game that makes for exciting sessions and deep and meaningful discussions.

Let’s play Nunki

Nunki – the exciting journey of the divided human people! How do you draw interfaith dialogue? How do you pantomime a spearhead? What do ‘Abdu’l-Bahá refer to as the „foundation of culture“? What kind of cake would you bake for the next Nineteen-Day-Feast? There are many ways to unite the human race in the new Bahá’í-Activity-Game “NUNKI”. Unity of thoughts is a key for your team to solve the “Matching Tasks” and win the game. EMBARK ON AN EXCITING AND INSPIRING JOURNEY!